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Science Says That Being Single Will Kill You Faster Than Obesity

Nobody wants to live a lonely life—even introverts want someone to be with. However, in this world of 7.6 billion people, there are many who live a lonely life.

Experts have deduced that loneliness can be more deadly than obesity and should actually be considered a public health risk. A review of a study conducted on loneliness suggests that people with bad social connections have an increased risk of early death versus those with a busy social life.

U.S researchers analyzed 218 studies related to the health effects of loneliness and came to a surprising conclusion. Social isolation raised a person’s risk of death by 50% compared to obesity.

Social isolation increases death risks

The research published in the New York Post examined more than 200 studies that examined the health effects of isolation and loneliness. The results showed that single and lonely people had a 50% higher risk of death compared to the 30% of obese individuals. Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, professor of Psychology at Brigham University and lead author on the research says that being connected to others is a basic human need. “Past studies have shown that infants who lack human contact fail to develop properly and often die. Social isolation has been used as a form of punishment in many countries, but people in the USA are still experiencing isolation on a regular basis,” she says. Of course, the matter needs to be more thoroughly examined, but the findings are quite interesting.

According to a Huffington Post article on the study, UK is the loneliness capital of Europe. The epidemic of loneliness in the UK costs the government more than $25 million per year in sick days and declining mental health. Canadian experts in 2017 predicted that the same epidemic could invade Canada soon as there are more and more Canadians that choose to live alone.

Other doctors agree with Holt-Lunstad’s view. Dr.Dhruv Khullar from Weill Cornell Medicine (New York) told the New York Times that there’s mounting evidence which shows that socially isolated people experience insomnia, abnormal immune response and cognitive decline far more often than those in a relationship. Data from the Harvard Aging Brain Study on nearly 80 cognitively normal adults has associated loneliness with Alzheimer’s disease.

The study was led by Dr. Nancy J. Donovan, who asked elderly patients 3 questions on loneliness and then assessed the results along with the level of amyloid plaque in their brains. The results showed that mild depression has a stronger effect on the heightened risk of cognitive decline when compared to loneliness. Dr. Donovan is sure that bigger depressive symptoms can affect our cognitive performance and may even lead to dementia.

As we said, loneliness (along with the isolation of being single and depression) is becoming a global problem, which is why we need to raise awareness about it now more than ever. We need to talk to isolated and depressed people instead of leaving them on their own as they need all the help they can get.


People Who Like To Be Alone Have These 6 Special Personality Traits

Introvert and extrovert are the two major categories in terms of personalities and the way we approach them. Have you ever thought about the qualities typical for each of them respectively and whether or not is possible to be a little bit of both?

This article focuses on the people who like to spend their time alone and their 6 special personality traits.

1. They’re Extremely Loyal

They don’t very often have a wide social circle and if they do, you won’t find them out every night of the week with large groups, lining up for the hottest club opening. They instead seek out meaningful and trustworthy friends who they feel comfortable to welcome into their space and share details of their life with. If you have a friend who likes to spend time alone, you can guarantee that this person will be there for you through thick and thin.

2. Surprise! They’re Very Open-minded

It’s a common misconception that people who like to be alone are close-minded or stubborn. These individuals don’t mind trying new things and exploring new paths—they just won’t let doing these things prevent them from experiencing quality alone time as well. Besides, you can do a lot of discovering without ever leaving the house anyway.

3. They Have a Level Head

They spend plenty of time on their own, using this time to contemplate problems and ideas, which allows them to develop a strong sense of self and confidence. They look at their time spent alone as a way to recharge instead of bothering with distractions.

4. They Are Comfortable With Their Own Thoughts

Many human beings choose to consciously bury their true thoughts, feelings, and emotions, but loner-types enjoy embracing these things in order to comprehend significant truths about themselves and the world that we live in. By knowing themselves so much better than other individuals know them, these types of people are sometimes able to know the human beings who they interact with better than those people know themselves.

5. They Understand The Value of Time. Yours and Theirs

Those who spend most of their time alone understand and cherish the value of time. They prioritize time, which helps them function at their highest level. They have a very deep sense of making sure not to spend their time with people who are not worth it.

6. They Exercise Strong Boundaries

All of the time spent alone allows these people to think about the things that motivate them as well as about what works for them and what doesn’t. They have very healthy and strong boundaries and exercise them in a healthy and clear way.

Ultimately, it is worth noting that these people are more successful than others. This is not surprising at all, given that enjoying in moments of peace with themselves helps trigger new ideas and boost level of success.

Here are 10 reasons why people who like to be alone are more successful:

They are relieved from anxiety (spending time alone helps rid their minds of negative thoughts)
They have better memories (solitude gives them the right perspective)
They are more creative (day-to-day distractions affect our thoughts and prevent them from getting out of the box)
They understand who they are
They have better relationships ( spending time alone helps understand yourself better and identify the relationships that work for you)
They are more focused, studies show
They can boost their productivity by spending time alone and thinking clearly
They make smarter decisions
They attack problems effectively
They cherish the simple things of life

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